January 8, 2020
January 8, 2020


First-time parents must quickly learn to adjust to a new schedule and daily routine. Luckily, certain apps and other tools are great for first-time parents, because they can help you to set reminders to enforce the new schedule and build good habits for your child. Here are the best ones to keep in mind:

Apps to Download

There are tons of task-specific apps available for fine-tuning your organization as a new parent. Some are newer than others, and therefore, offer newer and updated options for how and what you do with the information you track.

For example, the nursing app, Baby Tracker, is a great way to keep tabs on all kinds of feedings for your baby. You can track and develop a sense of schedule for dirty and wet diapers, too. The app even supports twins, as it streamlines sleep schedules and feeding for easier day-to-day care. Ready, Set, Baby is another great app for counseling and help with breastfeeding and diaper changes.

Apps like My Baby Today by Johnson & Johnson or The Wonder Weeks, which accompanies the cult-favorite book, are good for tracking daily metrics and documenting milestones. You can record height and weight as well as take photos and share them with others so you don’t miss a moment of your baby’s earliest years–which are filled with fast-paced development. These are also handy tools for creating an album of baby’s best moments throughout the year.

Finally, Cozi Family Organizer is a must-have for families. It allows everyone to enter and schedule their events, deadlines and activities in one place so everyone is on the same page. You can also add meal prep and grocery lists which can be edited and shared in real-time, so whoever is out at any given time can stop by the grocery store to pick up those last-minute items.

Tools for Reminders

Some of the pre-installed apps on your phone might also be your best friends. For example, alarms can be set as reminders to keep you on track with pumping or nursing sessions. After a few weeks with the alarm set, you’ll find the new schedule and routine to be easy.

It’s also a good idea to keep a note with a checklist of all the items you and baby need before heading out. Remember to keep a separate note with items that need to be restocked in your baby or diaper bag, too, such as wipes, diapers and hand sanitizer.

Items to Have on Hand

Your diaper bag and personal bag for you and your baby can become a lifesaver when you’re out running errands and need to change a diaper, feed your baby or pump breastmilk. While diapers, wipes, baby powder and a spare toy are no-brainers to keep on hand, there are other items to keep stocked in the bag, too.

For example, Kindred Bravely recommends keeping a portable phone charger around to juice up your phone again, in case you forget to plug your phone back in after a late-night or on-the-go nursing session. Personal care products and bottled water should be kept packed for you, and a spare change of clothes for baby is always good to have for messes that happen while out and about. Keep healthy snacks for you and baby on hand, too. You never know when they might be needed.

Staying organized is all about finding a routine that works for you and your family, so you can get everything done throughout the week and leave more time to enjoy your new role as a first-time parent. With a few adjustments and some good digital tools and apps, finding a new rhythm can be simple.

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