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October 8, 2019
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January 8, 2020



Amazing Me! Dressing Up!

By Carol Thompson

(Birth to 3)

“Dressing Up!” is one of the books of the “Amazing me!” series, created for the infant and toddler age group. This book is a medium sized board book perfect for little hands but big enough for the kids (and parents) to enjoy the colorful pictures. Perfect for this season, enjoy as this inclusive and diverse group of friends dress up using many props found in a box. “We’re amazing! We can dress up, sing, dance, and make music. There’s nobody quite like us!” By the end, the kids surprise us revealing that they are still themselves, unique and amazing. A great book to have fun and rich conversations about how everyone is different but amazing in their own way.   


Mrs. Mo’s Monster

By Paul Beavis

(4-6 years old)

This book is about a cute monster who thought the only thing that monster’s do is CRUNCH, MUNCH, and CHEW – but he got a big surprise when Mrs. Mo opened the door. “One day there was a knock at the front door. Mr. Mo was gardening, so Mrs. Mo went to see who it might be…” Mrs. Mo, with a lot of patience, showed the monster how many different fun activities he could do in life, rather than doing only one behavior: CRUNCH, MUNCH, and CHEW. This funny story teaches patience and understanding with colorful pictures and an unexpected ending. I recommend reading the entire story because if a monster can learn, then why not us? 

100 Monster in my School

By Bonnie Bader

(7-9 years old)  

The 100th day of school is the best day of the year at Frank N. Stein Elementary School, for everyone except Jane Brain. She needs to bring in 100 things for the spook-tacular show-and-tell, but she can’t think of anything! This book not only has complex story lines but also includes the math of counting by fives. Perfect for this age, this book is not too long, includes funny pictures, and includes a lesson about helping and sharing with friends. A great book for a second or third grader to sit down and have good fun reading.  

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