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August 13, 2019
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August 30, 2019



Goodnight Moon

By Margaret Wise Brown

(Birth to 3)

This unique bedtime story takes place Bunny’s room where he is tucked away in bed saying “goodnight” to all his familiar belongings from the hairbrush to the stars. It is a great book to snuggle with your little ones and expose them to basic rhyming words. It is a perfect book to reread every night and create a “goodnight” tradition, but don’t get too cozy because chances are you will fall asleep along with your child! Just pair this book with a plush bunny and enjoy a perfect short and sweet story that will make you both relax.

Martha Bunny Loves School

By Clara Vulliamy

(4-6 years old)

Martha is so excited to go to school for the first time. She has so many things that she needs to do to get ready, including creating a club to keep her brothers entertained while she’s in school. Although it is a fiction book, this story shows our children the realty of how they feel when they are going to school for the first time and leaving siblings at home. This colorful book shows children every step of the way from choosing the perfect outfit, to packing the right backpack. This story is ideal reading for this summer for those children that are transitioning to school. Also, it is an excellent tool for parents who need a little help with this big step in their child’s life.

Pinky and Rex and the Bully

By James Howe

(7-9 years old)

Kevin, the third-grade bully, says that Pinky is a sissy just because he likes pink, and his best friend is a girl called Rex. Deep down, Pinky thinks Kevin is wrong, but he’s still worried. Does Pinky have to give up his favorite things, and worse, does he have to give up his best friend? Luckily, he realizes that he doesn’t need to with the help of Mrs. Morgan, his good neighbor. This book will get your child’s attention with a prevalent subject like bullying and attention catching chapter titles like “Sissy!,” “Cookies and Lemonade,” “Recess,” “Hard Choices,” “Nice Pink Sneakers,” and “A Present.”

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