February 11, 2019
February 12, 2019


REVIEWS: Ana Rodriguez


By: David Van Buren

(Birth to 3)

This story about LOVE is perfect for teaching babies and toddlers about loving each other. “Big Bear and Little Bear love each other SO much that their love stretches high up into the mountains, far away to the stars, and down deep to the bottom of the sea. It is big enough to fill the whole wide World!” This chunky board picture book trails a delightful day with two bears who love each other as much as HONEY. With spectacular illustrations and an inspiring text, this is an unforgettable showcase of love.


By David Bedford

(4-6 years old)

Just in time to celebrate Valentine’s Day, this tale of LOVE is an eye opener of how love can find you. Get to know Morris the Mole, the sweetest character. “Morris the mole is looking for LOVE. When Morris goes to the farm, he thinks love is going to be right in front of his nose. But Morris can’t see very well, and what he finds at the end of his nose isn’t quite the love he was expecting.” A hilarious and charming tale of what happens when you look for love and love finds you!


By Deborah Wiles

(7-9 years old)

A perfect story to teach our kids about racism in our world. This book written by Deborah Summer received an Ezra Jack Keats Book Award and a Coretta Scott King Book Award. Deborah Wiles uses colorful pictures and great language to describe a 1964 and today problem, RACISM. “Joe and John Henry are a lot alike. They both like shooting marbles, they both want to be firemen, and they both love to swim. But there’s one important way they’re different: Joe is white, and John Henry is black, and in the South in 1964, that means John Henry isn’t allowed to do everything his best friend is. Then a law is passed that forbids segregation and opens the town pool to everyone. Joe and John Henry are so excited they race each other there…  only to discover that it takes more than a new law to change people’s hearts.” In simple words, the author presents a social problem through a truthful friendship in a candid story directed to the young crowd.  

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