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I appreciate handmade presents for Mother’s Day – and I especially love the expression on my kids’ faces as I open their gifts!

It is also nice to look back at their artwork from over the years to see how their handwriting has changed, how they have grown in their photo gifts, as well as the creative ideas that their teachers have come up with.

Being on the receiving end of these homemade creations, I realize the effort involved – and if you are looking for easy gift inspiration for this Mother’s Day, then I have a fun idea for you.

My daughter recently created a Water Bottle Flower and Vase Craft that not only sticks to a budget, but also teaches the value of upcycling. Also, this craft is a great activity for hand eye coordination, and perfect for keeping a child entertained.

What you will need to create a Water Bottle Flower and Vase Craft:

  • Empty water bottle
  • Non-toxic acrylic paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Three green fuzzy sticks
  • Safety scissors

Optional: Apron and newspaper

Tip: These items can be located at a local discount or craft store.

To begin, cut the top section of the water bottle off with the safety scissors.

Then, remove the cap and use the tip of the scissors to punch a hole in the middle. Replace the cap on the top of the water bottle.

Next, cut triangle shapes out of the top section to give the appearance of petals. We ended up with five petals.

Then, pick out two colors of acrylic paint. My daughter went with a dark pink for her flower, and purple for her vase.

Tip: Have your child wear an old oversized shirt or an apron, and place newspaper down to protect surfaces.

It is then time to paint, and we began with the flower. Completely paint the outside including the cap and set this aside to dry on the newspaper.

Next up, paint the vase and again set it aside to dry. FYI, acrylic paints dry very quickly, so you should be able to complete this craft in one day.

After the flower portion dries, pull the three pieces of green fuzzy sticks through the hole in the cap about halfway.

Then, twist the other side to make a stem and as you go down loop out two pieces of the fuzzy stick to look like leaves and continue to twist to the end.

Cut off any remaining fuzzy stick and the flower is then ready to be placed into the vase.

Tip: Take the bottom of the fuzzy stick stem and spread it into three directions to get it to be centered and balanced inside the vase.

My daughter’s finished flower is so unique, and since the vase is made from a water bottle, live flowers could also be added to the display. This gift is durable as well as a great way to repurpose and reuse. I hope this craft inspires a creative activity with your family as well for this Mother’s Day!

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